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HAL : Dernières publications

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HAL : Dernières publications

Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-02151615] Impact of electron capture rates on nuclei far from stability on core-collapse supernovae

    16 janvier, par (Aurélien Pascal), Aurélien Pascal
    The impact of electron-capture (EC) cross sections on neutron-rich nuclei on the dynamics of core-collapse during infall and early post-bounce is studied performing spherically symmetric simulations in general relativity using a multigroup scheme for neutrino transport and full nuclear (...)
  • [hal-01897180] General predictions for the neutron star crustal moment of inertia

    20 novembre 2019, par (Thomas Carreau), Thomas Carreau
    The neutron star crustal equation of state and transition point properties are computed within a unified metamodeling approach. A Bayesian approach is employed including two types of filters: Bulk nuclear properties are controlled from low-density effective field-theory predictions as well as (...)
  • [hal-02058549] Bayesian analysis of the crust-core transition with a compressible liquid-drop model

    6 novembre 2019, par (Thomas Carreau), Thomas Carreau
    The crust-core (CC) phase transition of neutron stars is studied within a unified meta-modeling of the nuclear Equation of State (EoS). The variational equations in the crust are solved within a Compressible Liquid-Drop (CLD) approach, with surface parameters consistently optimized for each EoS (...)