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HAL : Dernières publications

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HAL : Dernières publications

Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-01645780] Effective delayed neutron fraction measurement in the critical VENUS-F reactor using noise techniques

    28 novembre 2017, par X. Doligez, A. Billebaud, S. Chabod, T. Chevret, D. Fourmentel
    This paper present the measurements of VENUS-F kinetic parameters using the Rossi-Alpha methods. The VENUS-F reactor is a zero-power reactor based in Mol, Belgium at SCK-CEN [1]: its fuel is made of metallic enriched uranium with pure lead in order to simulate the behavior of a lead fast (...)
  • [in2p3-01503840] Recent developments of the FALSTAFF experimental setup

    26 septembre 2017, par A. Chietera, L. Thulliez, E. Berthoumieux, D. Doré, A. Letourneau
    The study of nuclear ssion is encountering renewed interest with the development of GEN-IV reactor concepts, mostly working in the neutron fast energy domain. To support the fast reactor technologies, new high quality nuclear data are needed. For this reason, the future Neutrons For Sciences (...)
  • [hal-01555033] Nuclear data measurements at the new NFS facility at GANIL

    26 septembre 2017, par C. Gustavsson, S. Pomp, G. Scian, F.R. Lecolley, U. Tippawan
    The NFS (Neutrons For Science) facility is part of the SPRIAL 2 project at GANIL, Caen, France. The facility is currently under construction and the first beam is expected in early 2013. NFS will have a white neutron source covering the 1-40MeV energy range with a neutron flux higher than (...)