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HAL : Dernières publications

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HAL : Dernières publications

Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-01703925] Improving isotopic identification with INDRA Silicon–CsI( Tl ) telescopes

    13 février, par O. Lopez, M. Pârlog, B. Borderie, M.F. Rivet, G. Lehaut
    Profiting from previous works done with the INDRA multidetector on the description of the light response L of the CsI( Tl ) crystals to different impinging nuclei, we propose an improved ΔE−L identification-calibration procedure for Silicon–Caesium Iodide (Si–CsI) telescopes, namely an Advanced (...)
  • [hal-01703568] SCALP : Scintillating ionization chamber for ALPha particle production in neutron induced reactions

    13 février, par B. Galhaut, D. Durand, F.R. Lecolley, X. Ledoux, G. Lehaut
    The SCALP collaboration has the ambition to build a scintillating ionization chamber in order to study and measure the cross section of the α-particle production in neutron induced reactions. More specifically on 16O and 19F targets. Using the deposited energy (ionization) and the time of flight (...)
  • [hal-01669642] The Neutrons for Science Facility at SPIRAL-2

    3 février, par X. Ledoux, M. Aïche, M. Avrigeanu, V. Avrigeanu, E. Balanzat
    The neutrons for science (NFS) facility is a component of SPIRAL-2, the new superconducting linear accelerator built at GANIL in Caen (France). The proton and deuteron beams delivered by the accelerator will allow producing intense neutron fields in the 100 keV–40 MeV energy range. Continuous (...)
  • [hal-01645780] Effective delayed neutron fraction measurement in the critical VENUS-F reactor using noise techniques

    28 novembre 2017, par X. Doligez, A. Billebaud, S. Chabod, T. Chevret, D. Fourmentel
    This paper present the measurements of VENUS-F kinetic parameters using the Rossi-Alpha methods. The VENUS-F reactor is a zero-power reactor based in Mol, Belgium at SCK-CEN [1]: its fuel is made of metallic enriched uranium with pure lead in order to simulate the behavior of a lead fast (...)