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HAL : Dernières publications

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HAL : Dernières publications

Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-01858056] Coulomb over-the-barrier Monte Carlo simulation to probe ion-dimer collision dynamics

    15 novembre, par (W. Iskandar), W. Iskandar
    We present a combined theoretical and experimental study of primary and postcollision mechanisms involved when colliding low-energy multiply charged ions with van der Waals dimers. The collision dynamics is investigated using a classical calculation based on the Coulombic Over-the-Barrier Model (...)
  • [hal-01827977] Final results on ${}^\mathbf 82 \hbox {Se}$ double beta decay to the ground state of ${}^\mathbf 82 \hbox {Kr}$ from the NEMO-3 experiment

    15 novembre, par (R. Arnold), R. Arnold
    Using data from the NEMO-3 experiment, we have measured the two-neutrino double beta decay ( $2\nu \beta \beta $ ) half-life of$^82$ Se as $T_\smash 1/2^2\nu \!=\! \left[ 9.39 \pm 0.17\left( \text stat \right) \pm 0.58\left( \text syst \right) \right] \times 10^19$ y under the single-state (...)
  • [hal-01862050] Measurement of the neutron lifetime with ultra-cold neutrons stored in a magneto-gravitational trap

    21 septembre, par (V.F. Ezhov), V.F. Ezhov
    We report a measurement of the neutron lifetime using ultracold neutrons stored in a magneto-gravitational trap made of permanent magnets. Neutrons surviving in the trap after fixed storage times have been counted and the trap losses have continuously been monitored during storage by detecting (...)
  • [hal-01781948] The STEREO Experiment

    21 septembre, par (N. Allemandou), N. Allemandou
    The STEREO experiment is a very short baseline reactor antineutrino experiment aiming at testing the hypothesis of light sterile neutrinos as an explanation of the deficit of the observed neutrino interaction rate with respect to the predicted rate, known as the Reactor Antineutrino Anomaly. (...)
  • [hal-01862077] A simple method of coil design

    21 septembre, par (M. Rawlik), M. Rawlik
    In this article we present a method to design a coil producing an arbitrarily shaped magnetic field by restricting the path of the coil's wires to a regular grid. The solution is then found by a simple least squares minimum. We discuss practical applications, in particular in the active (...)

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