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HAL : Dernières publications

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Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-01641066] Highly stable atomic vector magnetometer based on free spin precession

    21 novembre 2017, par S. Afach, G. Ban, G. Bison, K. Bodek, Z. Chowdhuri
    We present a magnetometer based on optically pumped Cs atoms that measures the magnitude and direction of a 1 $\mu$T magnetic field. Multiple circularly polarized laser beams were used to probe the free spin precession of the Cs atoms. The design was optimized for long-time stability and (...)
  • [hal-01641560] Atomic Site-Sensitive Processes in Slow Ar$^{9+}$ -Ar$_{2}$ Collisions

    21 novembre 2017, par W Iskandar, J Matsumoto, A Leredde, X Fléchard, S Guillous
    Electron capture processes for low energy Ar9+ ions colliding on argon dimer targets are investigated, focusing attention on charge sharing between the two argon atoms as a function of the molecular orientation and the impact parameter. Confrontation between experimental results and MC-COBM (...)

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