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Toutes les soumissions pour Ban pour umr6534 - liste restreinte à 50 entrées - HAL - IN2P3

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Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-01642863] Measurement of transverse polarization of electrons emitted in free neutron decay

    22 novembre 2017, par A. Kozela, G. Ban, A. Bialek, K. Bodek, P. Gorel
    The final analysis of the experiment determining both components of the transverse polarization of electrons ($\sigma_T_1$, $\sigma_T_2$) emitted in the $\beta$-decay of polarized, free neutrons is presented. The T-odd, P-odd correlation coefficient quantifying $\sigma_T_2$, perpendicular to (...)
  • [hal-01641066] Highly stable atomic vector magnetometer based on free spin precession

    21 novembre 2017, par S. Afach, G. Ban, G. Bison, K. Bodek, Z. Chowdhuri
    We present a magnetometer based on optically pumped Cs atoms that measures the magnitude and direction of a 1 $\mu$T magnetic field. Multiple circularly polarized laser beams were used to probe the free spin precession of the Cs atoms. The design was optimized for long-time stability and (...)
  • [hal-01641060] Neutron production in neutron-induced reactions at 96 MeV on $^{56}Fe$ and $^{208}Pb$

    21 novembre 2017, par I.C. Sagrado Garcia, J.F. Lecolley, F.R. Lecolley, V. Blideanu, G. Ban
    Double-differential cross sections for neutron production were measured in 96-MeV neutron-induced reactions at The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden. Measurements for Fe and Pb targets were performed using two independent setups: DECOI-DEMON, time-of-flight telescope dedicated to the (...)
  • [hal-01641236] The Neutrons for Science Facility at SPIRAL-2

    21 novembre 2017, par X. Ledoux, M. Aïche, M. Avrigeanu, V. Avrigeanu, L. Audouin
    The Neutrons For Science (NFS) facility is a component of SPIRAL-2 laboratory under construction at Caen (France). SPIRAL-2 is dedicated to the production of high intensity Radioactive Ions Beams (RIB). It is based on a high-power linear accelerator (LINAG) to accelerate deuterons beams in (...)
  • [hal-01641443] First high-statistics and high-resolution recoil-ion data from the WITCH retardation spectrometer

    21 novembre 2017, par P. Finlay, M. Breitenfeldt, T. Porobić, E. Wursten, G. Ban
    The first high-statistics and high-resolution data set for the integrated recoil-ion energy spectrum following the $ \beta^+$ decay of$^35$Ar has been collected with the WITCH retardation spectrometer located at CERN-ISOLDE. Over 25 million recoil-ion events were recorded on a large-area (...)

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