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Toutes les soumissions pour Orr pour umr6534 - liste restreinte à 50 entrées - HAL - IN2P3

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Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-01642929] Resonances in $C^{11}$ observed in the $He^{4}$($Be^{7},\alpha$)$Be^{7}$ and $He^{4}$($Be^{7},\rho$)$B^{10}$ reactions

    22 novembre 2017, par M. Freer, N.L. Achouri, C. Angulo, N.I. Ashwood, D.W. Bardayan
    Measurements of the 4He(7Be,α)7Be and 4He(7Be,p)10B reactions were performed using 7Be beam energies of 7.1 and 23 MeV and a helium-4 target, employing the thick target technique. Resonances were observed between Ex(11C)=8.6 to 13.8 MeV. An R-matrix analysis was performed to characterize the (...)
  • [hal-01641837] Interaction cross section study of the two-neutron halo nucleus $^{22}C$

    21 novembre 2017, par Y. Togano, T. Nakamura, Y. Kondo, J.A. Tostevin, A.T. Saito
    The interaction cross sections ( σI ) of the very neutron-rich carbon isotopes 19 C, 20 C and 22 C have been measured on a carbon target at 307, 280, and 235 MeV/nucleon, respectively. A σI of 1.280±0.023 b was obtained for 22 C, significantly larger than for 19,20 C, supporting the halo character (...)
  • [hal-01641054] Spectroscopy of $^{39,41}$Si and the border of the N $=$ 28 island of inversion

    21 novembre 2017, par D. Sohler, S. Grévy, Zs. Dombrádi, O. Sorlin, L. Gaudefroy
    The structure of the very neutron-rich nuclei ^3^9Si and ^4^1Si has been investigated via in-beam @c-ray spectroscopy and few-nucleon knockout from radioactive beams. The observation of low-lying states in ^3^9Si is a clear evidence for a drastic lowering of the intruder neutron 3/2^- state (...)
  • [hal-01641134] Low-lying neutron $fp$-shell intruder states in $^{27}Ne$

    21 novembre 2017, par S.M. Brown, W.N. Catford, J.S. Thomas, B. Fernandez-Dominguez, N.A. Orr
    The quenching of the N=20 shell gap in neutron-rich nuclei is investigated by studying the single-particle structure of 27Ne via neutron transfer using a 26Ne beam. Two low-lying negative-parity intruder states have been observed, the lowest of which is identified as Jπ=3/2−, confirming earlier (...)
  • [hal-01641456] Spectroscopy of $He^{7}$ using the $Be^{9}$($He^{6}$,$Be^{8}$) transfer reaction

    21 novembre 2017, par F. Renzi, R. Raabe, G. Randisi, D. Smirnov, C. Angulo
    The unbound nucleus He7 has been investigated via the reaction of a 16.8 MeV He6 radioactive ion beam on a Be9 target. The measurement of the outgoing Be8 through its well characterized two-α decay permitted the energy of the He6+n system to be reconstructed. Through comparison with a complete (...)

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