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Mardi 24 avril à 11h en Salle Gilles Iltis, nous accueillerons Romain Virot du LPSC qui nous présentera :

The aSPECT experiment : searching for physics beyond the Standard Model in free neutron beta-decay

"Even though the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics is among the greatest success of modern physics, it is unable to explain several critical problems of our universe. New physics beyond the SM (BSM) attempt to explain those deficiencies, such as the baryonic asymmetry or the origins of dark matter and dark energy. The free neutron beta-decay is a very clean and popular probe for studying the SM and searching for BSM physics in a complementary way to high-energy physics in colliders.

The aSPECT experiment is dedicated to the measurement of one of the many accessible angular correlation of this decay : the electron-antineutrino correlation coefficient a. This talk will introduce the motivation of aSPECT and detail the experiment and its latest status. A focus will be made on the need for a new kind of calibration source in order for state-of-the-art proton spectroscopy experiments, like aSPECT, to reach their ultimate sensitivity. The CALIPSO calibration source, which was developed to answer this problematic, will be introduced and the latest status of the project detailed."


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